Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interview with a Samaritan--Bernson Family

This is not an interview I conducted, but a link to a recorded Mormon Channel story you might enjoy. I think the title: Being a Good Samaritan, makes it a perfect story to share. It's about an hour long, but you can download the mp3 file and listen piecemeal if you like. From the synopsis:
Siblings Greg Bernson, Cappey Jones, and Stephanie Kirk have spent a lifetime organizing service—home makeovers, financial assistance, and other acts of service to those in need. During this episode of Enduring It Well, the Bernson siblings share ideas on how to “go and do likewise” as the Savior taught. We learn the importance of service by example, as they learned from their service-oriented parents. They teach us that giving service means giving of our time, resources, and love.
One of the things I love about this interview is that the interviewees were not out there trying to get publicity--they were in fact reluctant to be put in the spotlight, and ended up talking about other people and influences a lot. I've been thinking about interviewing others from time to time, and I know it won't be easy--because people who serve generally aren't interested in tooting their own horns, and often they don't even see what they're doing as anything worth highlighting. I'll have to get creative, but there are awesome stories like this one that need to be told!

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  1. Serving (I call it sheltering) is my favorite topic and one I am passionate about. I will have to go listen to this -- good for ironing time!